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1. Army Public School, Gwalior strives to groom young minds to be apostle of nation building as also a ray of hope for the future intelligentsia. The campus, sports & academic facilities bear a testimony of this philosophy.

2. Since its inception, the School has been doing a yeoman’s service in imparting wholesome education to the students. The vision of the school is premised on guiding the students in growing up to become responsible, law abiding and knowledgeable denizens of the society.

3. To help attain this noble goal, the academic faculty acts as an enabler, the non-academic staff helps instilling a sense of selfless service and the infrastructural resources help augment translating theoretical teachings into practical applications.

4. In this Academic year, to achieve holistic education of the child, the following few points will be laid emphasis upon: -
(a) Igniting the eternal spark of curiosity instead of quenching it.
(b) Inspiring confidence amongst the students in public speaking as well as in deportment.
(c) Imbibing good social values and sound ethics.
(d) All round growth of the child (by promoting soft skills and unwinding the hidden talents.

5. I wish the students, all the very best and beseech a wholehearted participation on part of the parents/ guardians and esteemed members of the alumni.

6. I also compliment my illustrious predecessors, entire faculty and the supporting staff of Army Public School Gwalior for achieving the high standards!

Guru Govind Dohu Khade,
Kaake Laagoon Paaye.
Balihari guru aapne,
Govind diyo bataaye.
- Saint Kabir Das




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