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Principal's Desk

Dear Esteemed Parents,

Welcome to Army Public School Gwalior, a beacon of excellence in education and a harbinger of the next generation learning experience. At our institution, we pride ourselves on fostering an unparalleled educational environment, supported by an exceptional team and a unique educational culture.

Our ethos revolves around instilling in our students the virtues of obedience, fellowship, resolution, dedication, and loyalty. These values, coupled with the school's distinctive commitment to discipline, lay a robust foundation for each child, empowering them to flourish with happiness, confidence, and success in all their pursuits.

We firmly believe that every child should evolve into a self-motivated learner. To facilitate this, we provide a secure, nurturing, and dynamic learning environment where the CBSE curriculum serves as a catalyst for engaging each student in meaningful discourses. We encourage them to explore, question, experience, and learn to their fullest potential. Throughout their formative years and beyond, our focus remains on fostering a love for learning, nurturing an inquisitive mind, and cultivating essential life skills.

Central to our philosophy is the idea of unification, wherein a harmonious blend of academic, co-curricular, and sporting activities takes precedence. This holistic approach is further complemented by instilling an awareness of healthy, responsible, and value-based living. Our students are not only passionate about personal growth but also committed to contributing positively to the community, embodying the philosophy of interdependence. They are emerging as leaders of tomorrow, poised to bring about a meaningful and positive change in the world.

Our commitment extends to developing a healthy competitive spirit in each child, ensuring their agility and active participation in both academics and extracurricular pursuits. The tireless efforts of our students in the classroom, coupled with their tenacity on the sports field and vigour in co-curricular activities, define the holistic educational experience we offer.

Through our pastoral system, we strive to ensure that each student realizes their full potential within a caring and stimulating educational environment. The organizational structure of our four houses facilitates numerous inter-house competitions, providing students with opportunities to hone their leadership skills, interpersonal abilities, collegiality, and a relentless drive for success.

We invite you to delve into our monthly news bulletins on our official portal, and encourage you to share your valuable suggestions through the provided email on our webpage. I am eager to embrace every opportunity to meet with you personally and address any concerns you may have.

Best Wishes
Dr Arvind Kumar Sikarwar
Army School Gwalior